CESAREAN / C-Section Recovery workout! (Hindi / Punjabi)

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Our South Asian Ladies continuously prevent understanding after C-Section, we recommend to seek advice from your physician ahead of you make a decision to start out your health regime.
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Once given a inexperienced gentle through the Doctor, get started with this elementary exercise for Four weeks which is able to allow you to in re-gaining and strengthening the CORE MUSCLES!

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Day 1 or week 1

Day 2 or week 2

Day Three or week 3

Day Four ot week 4

Day Five or week 5

Day 6 or week 6

Day 7 or week 7

Stomach Fat Loss

Legs/ Hips/ Thigh Fat loss

DIET for weight loss

Vegetarian DIET for weight loss

If feeling SORE because of workout!

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Diet Plan And Tips To Lose Belly Fat After Pregnancy – In Urdu

This video is a full guide on how to lose belly fat after pregnancy.

In this video I talk about tips, exercises and share a diet plan which will help you to lose weight very quickly while getting enough nutrition and energy.

These tips can be followed by beginners and will show you results within weeks.

I hope this video inspires you to begin your weight loss journey!

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